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We guide you towards the best path to extract the most value from your Intellectual Property


IP Advisory

Understand how to extract value from your IP and the best path to leverage its value

IP Valuation

Comprehensive analysis to identify the monetary value of your IP

IP Monetization

Increase your revenues through licensing or selling your IP

IP M&A Advisory

Guidance to ensure prudent M&A transactions involving IP

Board IP Advisory

Recognized expertise for executive boards to capitalize on IP as a tangible asset

Parallel North IP is all about passion to leverage the value of IP for your company!

Parallel North IP is ranked as one of the Top 10 IP Valuation Service Firms in the world - Forbes Ranking

Parallel North IP is a European Intellectual Property consulting and monetizing firm providing customized services for clients to leverage the value of their IP. We determine the monetary value of IP assets, which is critical to any IP-related risk assessment, sale, license or other transaction. Parallel North IP’s broad range of legal, financial, and technical expertise enables you to maximize profits and minimize risks. Our services have helped clients to efficiently:

  • Create new revenue streams
  • Raise new capital
  • Save costs
  • Assess financial risk
  • Secure evidence of use
  • Strengthen their patent position against their peers

Parallel North IP AB is a Swedish company with its registered office at Tornkammaregatan 10, 21872 Tygelsjö, Sweden.

Anders Arvidsson
Founder and CEO
Keith Woomer
Lucia Alvarado


July 3, 2024

Parallel North IP (PNIP) is Proud to Announce the Sale of a WiFi 6/7 Standard Essential Patent Portfolio

PNIP has successfully closed the sale of a valuable patent portfolio related to WiFi 6/802.11ax and WiFi 7/802.11be technologies. The identities of both the seller and buyer remain confidential.


May 14, 2024

We are excited to announce that PNIP has once again been selected as the strategic consultancy provider to guide leading-edge technology into the market. This recent selection was made by the globally recognized Trinity College Dublin (TCD), who engaged us to conduct a strategic market assessment for the HLOOP project.




September 13, 2022

Anders Arvidsson at Parallel North IP will join as a speaker at LESI IP Valuation Committee Webinar on October 25. The titel for the webinar is “Market approach to valuation of patents & trademarks: horses for courses”. This event is free to participants and will be repeated twice on Tuesday, 25 October 2022. Click here to register.

September 7, 2022

Anders Arvidsson and Keith Woomer have been recognized once more by IAM Magazine’s list of global thought and practice leaders in IP strategy, ‘IAM 300′, representing 300 of the world’s most well-recognized IP Strategists.

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