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IP Monetization

Parallel North IP can help you generate value through licensing or sale of your IP.

The market for commercializing IP has evolved dramatically during the past decades and IP monetization has become a widely used term. There may be several reasons why companies sell, buy or license IP, but what they all have in common is: they want the best possible deal!

Having the right network is crucial for a successful closing and an understanding of IP value to maximize the return for your company. Parallel North IP has an extensive network of potential licensees, buyers, and sellers whom we can contact to obtain the appropriate consideration for your opportunity.

Parallel North IP provides the essential intelligence and a team with extensive monetization experience, which will create savings and revenues for your company. Our staff is highly competent to strategically identify, approach, and negotiate deals with prospective licensees, buyers and sellers.

We provide comprehensive commercialization support services including managing licensing campaigns, communication with potential buyers and licensees, sale tenders, due diligence, IP analysis, claim chart creation, evidence of use, and portfolio valuation.

Specific situations where we can help you with IP Monetization include:

  • Create new revenue streams through IP licensing
  • IP brokerage: buying and selling
  • IP enforcement
  • Risk and financial analysis for IP transactions
  • Infringement analysis