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July 3, 2024

Parallel North IP (PNIP) is Proud to Announce the Sale of a WiFi 6/7 Standard Essential Patent Portfolio

PNIP has successfully closed the sale of a valuable patent portfolio related to WiFi 6/802.11ax and WiFi 7/802.11be technologies. The identities of both the seller and buyer remain confidential.

The patents are essential for the implementation of the WiFi 6/802.11ax standard, making them an extremely beneficial acquisition that significantly strengthens the buyer’s position in widespread wireless communication technologies. Some of the claimed features also apply to the most recent WiFi 7/802.11be standard.

The buyer is a large, global corporation renowned in the technology and healthcare sectors. This acquisition enhances their competitive edge and innovative capabilities enabling them to continue to be a market leader.

PNIP facilitated the transaction, ensuring a seamless and confidential process for both parties.