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Board IP Advisory

Parallel North IP can provide your executive board with the IP expertise needed for strategic positioning and market value creation.

High-performing executives and boards seek to continuously improve their effectiveness and performance. This includes capitalizing on IP as it is increasingly being acknowledged as a tangible company asset. Having a renowned IP expert onboard can help you to leverage your IP to create value and to gain recognition from existing and new stakeholders.

We have a team of experts with an exclusive set of skills, expertise and industry recognition which can assist your company by defining the importance of IP and by developing a board culture to include IP as a primary and influential company asset.

Specific situations where we can help you with C-Suite & Board IP Advisory include:

  • Strategic executive advice regarding value extraction of your IP
  • Incorporate our experts on your executive board to provide a commercial mindset of your IP
  • Expand your connections to IP-focused networks and gain access to the stakeholders in the IP market
  • Influence stakeholders by highlighting the monetary value of IP as part of your strategy