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Anders Arvidsson

Founder and CEO

Parallel North IP was founded by Anders Arvidsson, CEO, who has well over two decades of experience of developing, valuing and monetizing patent assets in the corporate world. As a market maker, Mr. Arvidsson has been one of the pioneers in creating the marketplace for IP transactions, which has helped to protect companies’ strategic product positions and maximize the value of their intellectual property. He constantly seeks new ways to use intellectual property as a strategic tool, and delivered  revenue captures in the range of $100-150m from various transactions to his clients. Mr. Arvidsson has negotiated 100s of transactions comprising multiple patent portfolios. Previously, Mr. Arvidsson spent 13 years at Nokia, where he headed the patent acquisition team. He has a long experience from negotiated transactions involving multiple patent portfolios. He has also been working as Vice President IPR for GN Store Nord A/S, which is developing and manufacturing medical devices for hearing impairment and audio solutions.

Ever since 2012, Mr. Arvidsson has been recognized by IAM Magazine’s list of global thought and practice leaders in IP strategy, ‘IAM 300′, representing 300 of the world’s most well-recognized IP Strategists.