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May 14, 2024

Parallel North IP Selected by Trinity College Dublin for HLOOP Project

We are excited to announce that PNIP has once again been selected as the strategic consultancy provider to guide leading-edge technology into the market. This recent selection was made by the globally recognized Trinity College Dublin (TCD), who engaged us to conduct a strategic market assessment for the HLOOP project.


HLOOP is an innovative software solution aiming to revolutionize manufacturing processes by seamlessly integrating AI with human expertise.


This partnership signifies a crucial step in understanding the commercial potential of HLOOP and its application across various industries. PNIP brings a wealth of expertise in market assessment and strategic guidance enabling projects to succeed.


This engagement highlights PNIP’s commitment to leveraging industry expertise to drive innovation. We are thrilled to contribute to this innovative project and look forward to uncovering valuable insights for the advancement of HLOOP technology.


About Parallel North IP (PNIP): PNIP is a leading consultancy and IP monetization firm, ranked as one of the Top 10 IP Valuation Service Firms in the world by Forbes Ranking. For more information about Parallel North IP, please visit our website here.


About HLOOP: HLOOP is an innovative software solution developed at Trinity College Dublin. It has been developed as part of a project funded by SFI, led by Professor Alessio Benavoli from the School of Computer Science and Statistics and Professor Rocco Lupoi from the School of Engineering. To learn more about HLOOP, visit their website here.