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IP Advisory

Parallel North IP can help you to identify your IP-related opportunities and to build a plan to achieve your financial goals.

Your investment in IP presents vast commercial opportunities for your company. Our strategic advice will help you to understand the best path to extract and create value from your IP assets.

We have significant experience in managing IP to exceed the desired goals. Whether you are developing new innovative products or services for the market, it is critical that your IP strategy is aligned with your business objectives. This requires proper governance models and an understanding of the business value of each IP asset, which will enable your company to maximize your return on investment.

With a proper IP strategy, you can begin to see IP-related costs as investments instead. You will also have a targeted approach to measure your IP portfolio against your peers as well as an understanding of your strengths and areas for improvement. At the same time, you will be able to control your budget and take appropriate measures, which will be recognized by your management.

Every company is like an individual, with its own values and culture. Therefore, a proper IP strategy must be adopted accordingly, so it fits into the company across all organizations. Parallel North IP has extensive experience from different industries and has successfully implemented a number of unique IP strategies that optimized their clients’ IP portfolios to deliver substantial value. We can guide you to gain a thorough understanding of your position, peers, risks, and recommendations for decision-making.

Specific situations where we can help you with IP Advisory include:

  • IP strategy for value extraction or creation
  • New business models
  • IP licensing and sales
  • Strategic partnerships
  • IP investments and acquisitions