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IP Valuation

Parallel North IP is ranked as one of the Top 10 IP Valuation Service Firms in the world - Forbes Ranking

Companies require intellectual property valuation for numerous reasons. However, the value of IP as an asset depends on the situation and objective, which means that the same asset can be valued differently.

For example, if you are going to sell or buy an IP asset, the value for the seller or buyer is different compared to the value when you would like to exclude others from using the IP. Another situation could be when you would like to raise new capital for your company and your IP could increase your company valuation.

Parallel North IP provides robust analysis of IP assets utilizing sophisticated financial models. Our reports and presentations are supported by facts and data, and are based on well-recognized valuation methodologies, such as DIN 77100. The conclusions are summarized in a high-level financial presentation for informed decision-making, which has been appreciated by many C-level managers.

Specific situations where we can help you with IP Valuation include:

  • Financial risk assessment of potential patent infringement
  • Raising new capital or loan
  • IP monetizing through sales and licensing
  • Obligations according to accounting principles
  • Transfer pricing