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September 22, 2018

The CIP FORUM is an event where the industry, university, and policy challenges of the transformation to a knowledge economy. The event has been held on seven occasions since 2001 in Göteborg, Sweden. The focus of the event is on sharing innovative ideas, research, and practical experiences among global actors. A blend of theory and practice is employed to bridge the gap between strategy and policy and encourage critical reflection in a world where business and public policy are both in transition

Anders Arvidsson is a member of the CIP Advisory Board and will give a presentation about IPwe on the session about Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrencies. IPwe provides a blockchain-powered patent platform, which is a leveraging technology to dramatically lower your cost of patent ownership and transactions. IPwe is the first platform to combine the information and the tools needed to identify, research, understand, transact with, and protect patents.

Looking forward to meet you all again in Gothenburg!